Checkout Page

To setup checkout page for your site

1) Create page

  • (1) Access to WordPress admin dashboard, select menu "Pages" -> "Add New"

  • (2) Enter the name of the page

  • (3) In the Attributes page , select the template name "Checkout"

  • (4) Click on "Publish" button to save this page

2) Setup page

  • (1) Access "Settings" menu in the admin dashboard

  • (2) Open "Pages" tab

  • (3) Select page checkout just created for the "Checkout Page" option

  • (4) Click on "Save" button to save the settings.

3) Checkout Page screen

Currently, our Theme provides three types of payment methods:

  1. Pay by Cash

  2. Paypal

  3. Stripe

How to setup payment method, please refer our document here