Display Map in website

1. Introduction

  • (1) Location of widget in list

  • (2) Result shown after using this widget.

2. Setup

  • (1) Select mark view as Marker

  • (2) Upload icon marker

  • (3) Enter Latitude (See instructions for getting Latitude & Longitude at the end of this article)

  • (4) Enter Longitude

  • (5) Enter Map zoom number

  • (6) Show map control

  • Enter the height of the map

  • Select map type:

a. Roadmap

b. Satellite

c. Hybrid

d. Terrain

e. Custom style

If you select the map type as "Custom style" -> Enter your custom style json in this field. You can customize the map style here:

Mark view as "List Service"

  • (1) Select map view "List Services"

  • (2) Enter ID rental service that you want, ID separated by a ","

  • (3) Enter the number of items displayed

  • (4) Enter zoom Map

  • (5) Display or not to display Map control

  • (6) Enter the height of the map

Expand: To find Latitude and Longitude of location. You can use google map and get those values ​​as shown below:

Enter the location you want to find Latitude and Longitude and copy the value on the URL (Red frame on the image). As the image above, we have the following values:

Latitude: 40.7048412

Longitude: -74.0057403