List Widgets Elementor

We provided you 17 widgets in Category to create your website with Elementor

1) Search Form: Display the search form on the page.

2) List Of Destinations: Setup and display the list of locations.

3) List Of Taxonomy: Display the list of Amenities or Property type of the rental.

4) List Of Service: Display the listings.

5) Testimonial: Display the customer Testimonial.

6) List Of Blog: Display list of posts on the site.

7) Become a Host Form: Display partner registration form.

8) Video Popup: Display the video section. When click on play will display popup video.

9) Slider: Create a slider on the website.

10) Team Member: Display team member on the website.

11) Banner: Create banner + Page name for website.

12) Map: Display the map on the website.

13) List Of Categories: Display the list of categories.

14) Infobox: Display box + Info according to the available structure.

15) FAQ: Create FAQ list.

16) List Of Company: Display the list of logos + URLs on the website.

17) List Of Social: Display Social Logo + URL on website.