List of Destinations

Displays the destination list in website

1. Introduction

  • (1) Location of widget in list

  • (2) The result of destination list after using this widget

2. Setup

  • (1) Heading title for this widget

  • (2) You can choose one of the three styles of this widget

  • (3) The destination list that created

  • (4) Click on "ADD ITEM" to add 1 item into above destination list.

Detail of item in destination list.

  • (1) Enter the name of the location

  • (2) Enter the number of properties of that location

  • (3) Enter the avatar

  • (4) Enter Latitude

  • (5) Enter Longitude

To find Latitude and Longitude of location. You can use google map and get those values ​​as below:

Example: Enter the location you want to find Latitude and Longitude and copy the value on the URL (Red frame on the image). As the image above, we have the values ​​as follows:

Latitude: 40.7048412,

Longitude: -74.0057403