Inquiry Booking

SHome provides the function that allows customers to access the detail service page and send a message to the owner of the service.

1. Introduction

This option allows you to display the inquiry form. Customers can submit this form to send a message to the owner service's email.

Instructions for activating Ask booking option for service: Referring our document for "Booking Option" in here.

2. Instructions

Instructions for creating an Inquiry form and setting in the admin dashboard. We use "Contact Form 7" plugin to create Inquiry Form

How to create Inquiry Form

Login WordPress Admin Dashboard

  • (1) Navigate to "Contact" -> "Add new" menu to create new form

  • (2) Enter your title

  • (3) Enter form code

  • (4) Click on "Save" button to save your change

  • (5) Copy this Short-code that created to use later

You can pick up the code for this form in here:

<label><span class="label">Full name *</span>
[text* your-name] </label>
<label><span class="label">Email *</span>
[email* your-email] </label>
<label><span class="label">Phone number</span>
[tel your-tel placeholder]</label>
<label><span class="label">Post code *</span>
[text* your-postcode]</label>
<label><span class="label">Message</span>
[textarea your-message] </label>
<label class="agree">[checkbox* checkbox-368 exclusive "I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of use *"]</label>
[submit "SUBMIT"]

When u had done create form by Contact Form 7. Please, follow these steps to complete your setting:

  • (1) Access to "Setting" tab

  • (2) Click on “Booking" tab.

  • (3) Please paste the Short-code that you created in the previous step into this field.

  • (4) Click on "Save" button to save your changes.

3. Result

The result shown after setting up.

You can have look at our Demo here: