Booking Options

One of the core elements in the theme that allows you to setup an item's book style.

1) Booking Options

Theme support three Booking Options: Instant Booking, Inquiry Booking, Instant & Inquiry Booking.

List of Booking Options

These steps to set up the booking option.

  • Step 1. Access "Price" tab

  • Step 2. Choose 1 of 3 items of the option "Booking Options"

After choosing the booking options, click on "Save" button to save and continue the following steps.

2. Items

  • a) Instant Booking: Only show Instant booking form in details page.

  • b) Booking Booking: Only show Inquire form in detail page.

  • c) Instant & Inquire Booking: Displays both the Instant booking form and the Inquire booking form in the details page.

3) Result

  • a) Only Instant Booking:

Our Demo: Instant Booking

  • b) Inquire Booking:

Our Demo: Inquiry Booking

  • c) Instant & Inquire Booking: