This section includes General settings and Function settings in theme.

1) General

Including setting about main color, logo, header

  • (1) Main Color: Change the main color of the site. Background color, font color, button color, border.

  • (2) Logo: Install main logo.

Use svg image in size range: 160x50 for best display.

  • (3) Transparent Logo: Install logo for transparent header format.

Logo with light color, letters are lighter than Main logo.

  • (4) Dashboard Logo: Install the logo displayed in the dashboard.

Required size in range: 50x50

  • (5) Header Items: Change the function menu, displayed on the right of the header. Supported items: Login & Register, Custom link, Become a host.

You also can add new item, edit or delete.

2) Pages

Setup function pages: login & register, checkout, search result, checkout redirecting,...

  • (1) 404 Page: Settings page 404. When a site link fails or does not exist, the system will use this page to display.

  • (2) Reset password page: Setup recovery password display form page.

  • (3) Footer Page: Setting display footer page.

  • (4) Search result page: Setup display search results page.

  • (5) Term & Condition page: Setup display policies and terms page. This page is used to link at the checkout page.

  • (6) Checkout page: Displays booking information, payment methods.

  • (7) Return Payment page: Setup display result of booking page. This page is redirected from the checkout page.

3) Booking

Setup booking systems: Currency, tax, inquiry form, …

  • (1) Currency: Add new, edit, delete the list of currency that supported in site.

List of option when creating currency
  • (2) Primary Currency: Setting main currency setting for the site. When adding new currency in (1), the list of currency will appear in this section.

The currency list is updated from ‘Currency’ section to ‘Primary currency’
  • (3) and (4): Tax Options: Set tax when paying If ‘Tax is included’ is ON: The tax is included in room rate If ‘Tax is included’ is OFF: The tax is not included in room rate

  • (5) Inquiry Form: ‘Shortcode’ displays the booking request form (shown on the Inquiry form tab in the single rental page). This ‘Shortcode’ was created from the ‘Contact Form 7’ plugin

  • (6) Payment gateway: Install payment methods

Steps to setup payment methods
  • (1) Enable: Turn on/off payment

  • (2) Logo: Upload logo of payment

  • (3) Test Mode: Turn on/off the test mode. If on, the system uses a test account to make payments.

  • (4) and (5) Payment results do not affect the main account.

    Information of each payment gateway. Each payment gateway will have different values. The image above is an example of Paypal.

  • (6) Description: Short description for payment.

Currently, theme supports three main of payment methods:

  • Pay by cash: To save the payment information of users. The user can directly pays by cash to admin or partner.

  • Paypal: Use Paypal payment gateway.

  • Stripe: Use Stripe payment gateway that supports credit card.

4) Review

To setup review posts

  • (1) Enable Rental Review: Allow users to write reviews for each rental.

  • (2) Review Approval: Turn on / off admin approval function for each review before being published.

5) Email

a. General

When customer books a rental, the system will send an email to the users who related with that rental.You can choose one of these option bellow:

  • Admin & Customer: Send booking email to admin and customer

  • Partner & Customer: Send booking email to Partner and customer

  • Admin, Partner, Customer: Email to all (Admin, Partner and Customer)

b. Booking Email

To choose email template

  • (1) Upload logo that used for header email.

  • (2) Customize the content of email footer.

After setup all, customers will received the booking confirmation template as the following:

6) Partner

Setup commission, payout, ...
  • (1) Partner commission: Enter the percent of amount that admin receives from partner rental bookings.

  • (2) Min of payout: The minimum balance of the partner that the system calculates to automaticly perform withdrawals for partner. For example: Min = $ 50, the current balance of partner must be > = $ 50 then the system will perform payout.

  • (3) Date of Payout : The day system performs payout.

  • (4) Partner approval: Enable/disable partner account registration approved by admin.

7) Advance

  • (1) Unit of measure: Display unit size: m2 or ft2

  • (2) Google API key: Enter google API that used to display google map and other google services

  • (3) Enable Facebook login: Turn on the login feature with Facebook

  • (4) Facebook API key: Enter the API key from Facebook to authenticate login with Facebook.

  • (5) Enable Twitter: Enable the twitter login feature.

  • (6) Client ID, Client Secret: Enter the id and secret key of twitter to authenticate login with twitter.

  • (7) Origin site Url: Enter the Url of the site to twitter redirection after authentication.

New update version 1.2

From version 1.2, we have integrated map. You can turn ON/OFF this feature in Settings

New Mapbox option

How to create a new Mapbox token key

Step 1: Go to and create a new account. In header, click on Tokens menu item

Click on Token menu item to access Tokens Dashboard

Step 2: Click on 'Create new token' button to create a new token

Steps to create a new token

(1) Enter name of token

(2) Tick all Token scopes option

(3) If you only want to access to some sites, you can enter URL

(4) Click on 'Create token' button to complete

Step 3: Back to the Token Dashboard, copy token code and paste to the Settings

A new token is created