Allow Admin to set the minimum amount for partner can automatically receive from the system

By default, the system will calculate the total amount of revenue earned by partner then send the withdrawal request to the admin for confirmation. Payout schedule, minimum amount to payout are installed by admin in the Option theme.

Displays minimum payout amount and payout date

(1) Minimum amount allowed to payout. If the total monthly amount of revenue of the partner is lower than this number, the system does not payout.

(2) Date of payout calculation system

List of Monthly Partner Payout

For admin, there is an additional "Action" column to confirm payout.

For partner, the Action column is removed. Only show payout information without permission to change status.

  1. Filter payouts by status: Pending, Completed.

  2. Click on "Action" button to open the payout confirmation panel (applied for admin).

  3. Search payouts by payout ID or user ID.

9.1 Admin confirm Payout

Approve payout status