Displays, edit, add new coupon code that use for discount or promotion for your property
Coupon code options
  1. Click on ‘'Add new Coupon'’ to add a new coupon code

  2. Sort coupon codes by name

  3. Filter to display coupon codes ON or OFF. You can click ON / OFF button to change the coupon status

  4. Click on ''Action'' to display the function table: edit or delete coupon

  5. Search coupon by coupon code

8.1 Create a New Coupon

Steps to create new coupon code

(1) Title: A short description of a coupon

(2) Coupon Code: To apply when paying. Refer use letters and numbers.

(3) Type: Select the type of coupon:

Fixed: Price will be deducted at the fixed price on the cart

Percent: Prices are deducted by % on the cart

(4) Price: Enter the applicable price for the coupon

(5) & (6) Start Date / End Date: Enter the arrangement of applied date for the coupon

8.2 Change status/Edit/Delete Coupon