All Listing

Displays (status, booking types, ...) and manage (delete, edit, add new..) all your listing.
All Listing

Display all the list of owner's rental, if you are admin It's shown all the rental of system.

(2) Short Rental name by Alpha Beta

(3) Filter Rental by Status

  • a) All: Displays all rental.

  • b) Publishing: Displays the rental with the published status.

  • c) Unfinished: Shows the rentals that have not entered enough data yet.

  • d) Pending: Shows the rental that waiting for admin approval.

(4) Filter rental by Booking Types

  • a) All: Displays all type of rental

  • b) Instant booking: Rental uses payment method

  • c) Inquiry Booking: Rental uses the booking form. Information sent via email to owner

  • d) Instant booking & Inquiry booking: Both types of booking

(5) Menu to operate with current rental

  • a) Edit: Edit rental's information

  • b) Trash: Move a rental to the trash

  • c) Duplicate: Duplicate the current rental to a new rental with the same content

  • d) Preview: switch to the rental single page to preview

(6) Search Rental by ID or Title.