Add New

Create a new rental and edit the one had already created

To create a new rental, you need to complete these following Tabs:

  • Location

  • Detail

  • Pricing

  • Media

  • Amenities

  • Rules

  • Calendar

1. Location Tab

Location tab is where to add your rental address (city, state, postcode...) by google address search.

(1) ‘Street Address’ field sorting the address by google address search.

The Result will be automatically filled in the City, state, Postcode, Country fields. Or you can manually enter by hand. The address will be displayed in the item preview (1.1) on the right.

(2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7): Automatically filled in when selecting the address from the Street Address field (1).

(1.1) Automatically displayed by the address of (1)

2. Detail Tab

Detail Tab is where to add fully rental information (name, types, description....)

Enter information about Rental WP such as: Type, Name, Description, Size, Number of Guest allow,...

  • 1) Is Featured: Select Rental as Highlight item.

  • 2) Property Type: Select the type of rental business. Example: Apartment, House, Homestay, Guest house ... Admin can add new or edit Property Type in WordPress administration.

(i) Enter Property name

(ii) Enter "slug name" for property. Do not use any of spaces or special characters. Let it blank for the system to automatically create.

(iii) Select a property as parent (not required).

(iv) Short description about property.

(v) Select an icon for property.

List of icon

(vi) Select Featured image for Property.

  • 3) Room Type

Select the type of room that Rental is offering: Entire Place, Private Room, Shared Room. Admin can add and edit Room type in WordPress administration.

(i) Enter Room name

(ii) Enter ‘slug name’ for room. Do not use any of spaces or special characters. Let it blank for the system to automatically create.

(iii) Select a room as parent (not required).

(iv) Short description about room.

(v) Select an icon for room.

(vi) Select Featured image for Room.

  • 4) Title:

Enter a title for the rental. At least 6 characters. ‘New Rental’ is the default title.

  • 5) Description:

Write a short description for rental. Minimum length is 50 characters. Maximum length is 2500 characters.

  • 6) Number of guest:

Enter the maximum number of people in the room (adult, children, non-infant ). Enter the number format. Minimum is 1.

  • 7) Number of bedrooms:

Number of bedrooms in the rental. Enter number format, Minimum 1

  • 8) Number of bathrooms:

Number of bathrooms. Enter the number format. Minimum is 0

  • 9) Size: Room's size.

  • 10) Min stay:

The minimum number of days that guests book a room. Enter the number format. The default is 1

  • 11) Max stay:

The maximum number of day that allow book at the hotel. Enter number format, Default is -1 (Unlimited)

  • 12) Bedrooms:

List of bedrooms with name, number of people, number of beds, Bed type.

  • 13) Layout:

Select the Layout that displayed in single page.

Advance: When entering values as: Title, Number of Guest, Bedroom, Bathrooms, that value is displayed in the preview (on right-side).

3. Pricing Tab

Pricing tab is where to setup booking types , price for rental (weekend price, long-term price, daily price, holiday price....) and fees as city fee, cleaning fee, custom period price.

Setup Price for Booking

1) Booking Options: There are three options:

  • a) Instant booking: Direct booking. Enter the booking information, the system will perform checkout and send via email to customers.

  • b) Inquiry Booking: Enter the information into the Inquiry form, the system sends an email to the owner about the booking request.

  • c) Instant booking & Inquiry Booking: The system displays 2 tabs on the booking form for customers to choose the form.

2) Booking Type: Choose the Booking Type for Rental. At this moment Theme do support Booking per night, in nearly following version we will update some other type as Booking per hour, per person ...

3) Property Price (Basic Price): Default price applied for weekday.

4) Weekend Price: Applied for weekend, if its empty the system will auto calculate by Basic price.

5) Day apply weekend pricing: Choose the days for weekends. Depending on the owner, country, areas will have different weekend rules. This option allow the owner to accordingly change

6) and 7) Long-term pricing: Set different price for long stay (more than 7 or 30 days) in your rental.

  • a) Price for 7+ day: If =< the total days of booking <30 days, the daily price will apply according to this price. For example: Base price = 50, 7+ price = 30. Customers book 8 days, Total = 30 * 8 = 240.

  • b) Price per 30+ day. Similar to the calculation of 7+ day price.

8) City Fee: This fee applies for the rental that has a stay tax policy when the customer stay there. This price is fixed. If the default is blank, it will not apply when calculating the price.

9) City fee type: Depending on day or person.

10) and 11) Cleaning fee: By day or by number of people. The default is blank if this price is not applied.

12) and 13) Security deposit: Security service fee, calculated by day or person. Default is blank if not apply.

New option for Extra Services (City fee, Cleaning fee, Security deposit)

From version 1.1, the Extra service has a new option as 'Fixed price' that not depend on the number of guest and booking time.

New option as 'Fixed' price

14) Custom Period Price: In case, there are special days, public holiday,.......this is a useful feature for you to setup price.

  • a) Enter the started date.

  • b) Enter the expired date.

  • c) Enter the price that will apply.

Click on ‘'Add New’' to add on the range list. In case of overlapping price ranges, the system will notified to let you know.


1.If the date belong to the Custom Period Price range: The dates in this range will be applied.1.

2.If the dates not belong to the Custom Period Price range:

a) If the total days (from check-in to checkout) >= 30 days, the price is applied according to the Long term pricing of 30+ days.

b) If 7 <= the total days<30, the price is applied according to Long term price of 7+ days.

c) If not in Long term price and in weekend price, apply the price according to the last price

d) If not in any case, the price is based on the basic price.

How to add Custom Period Price

4. Media Tab

Media tab allow you to add images to gallery, video from YouTube and setup the feature image for rental.

(1) Click on "Browse File" to open the image management folder, then select the photos to add to the gallery. By default, the system will chooses the first image to make the featured image. You can hover on each image to set the featured image or delete it.

(2) Add video from YouTube or video. For example:

How to add gallery and featured image.

5. Highlight and Amenities Tab

Select featured services, facilities that provided.

Admin can add and edit, delete items in WordPress Dashboard.

  • (1) Highlights: Highlights of rental services

  • (2) Amenities: Facilities that provided

How to setup Amenities
Create Highlight
Create Amenities

6. Rules Tab

Set up cancellation policy,time of check in / out, room rules.

Setup cancellation policy

(1) Enter the content of the cancellation policy (if any)

(2) Enter the check in / out time

(3) Room's policy

  • Smoking: Allowed / Not allowed

  • Pets: Allowed / Not allowed

  • Party: Allowed / Not allowed

  • Children: Allowed / Not allowed

7. Calendar Tab

Allows owner to set Available / not available per day

There are 3 status colors of the calendar:

  • Red: Shows the current date

  • Grey: Shows the unavailable date

  • Blue: Shows the available date

Click on the date you want to change the status. The system will record and apply the new status for that day.

Click again to restore the initial status.

How to setup Calendar

The results shown after setup Calendar